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Hypnotic Addiction

Digital Art and 3D Animations

I have a keen interest in learning and exploring the world in general. I enjoy conversations with others that involve sharing thoughts and ideas.

For several years I've had an interest in hypnosis, which in a round about way led to a fascination with spiral animations. I have a background in web development and frequently use Photoshop and Flash in those activities. Using those skills I started creating my own spirals and created a web site to display them, www.hypnoticaddiction.com.

Not long ago I started using Poser to do 3D rendering and have really fallen in love with it. I've been doing some work with combines hypnosis themes with 3D rendering and animation, and started displaying some of that work on my site as well. I think its awesome to be involved with something that I enjoy so much, the hours seem to melt away.

I have a great appreciation of the artistic expressions of others, particularly in the area of digital art. I draw a lot of inspiration from the works of others.